Whether you are looking for a crew or looking to crew – this is the place.

Andrew Wood Y97 would like to encourage any Yawl owner looking for a crew to think taking out one of the cadets. Please contact him or Jayne at Salcombe Yacht Club.

SYOA now has a group email for those sailing regularly on a Saturday. If you wish to find a crew, or crew, or if you plan to sail on a Saturday, why not join in so you know who’s out and who’s looking for a sailing partner that day. Hosted by David Greening Y177.

I would like to offer myself as a crew for weekend races

One day I would like to own my own Salcombe Yawl but would like to gain experience at crewing before doing so. I am an experienced dinghy sailor and have sailed competitively although haven’t done so seriously for some time! I also have experience in sailing small yachts. I live in Devon and apart from having to work a few weekends I am usually free. I am happy to be contacted by e-mail or phone;

Carolyn Adcock
t: 07768754387 / 01822859076
e: carolynadcock@onetel.com

Looking to crew

(And will be very useful to all yawl owners He owns a pub.) I’ve been an occasional feature in Kevin Anderson & Hywel Bowen-Perkins boats over the years. We moved down to Bigbury last year and just moved into South Pool across the water from Salcombe, where we’re buying the local pub. Always keen to get involved in some crewing for anyone looking for ballast, and keen to get involved in some racing. Let me know if you need any references, but no doubt Kevin and Hywel will swear to the fact I’m useless at sailing but good company in a boat for a few hours on a windy day!

Charlie Baker
t: 07967 046770
e: charles@epictaverns.com

Looking to crew for anybody that will have me this summer

I’ve been around boats all my life, but not necessarily sailing boats and have been coming to Salcombe for a week every summer for the last 18 years. I’m now 65, pretty active and thinking about buying a Salcombe Yawl. I would be very keen to crew/help out before jumping into a purchase. Timings, pretty flexible, was probably thinking of coming down for a week to commit to a lot of sailing. Anybody able to help?

Sam Madge
t: 07811 208932 / 01730 810864
e: sammadge315@aol.com

Looking for crew

Race this Saturday the 28th
in Y74

Contact 07973312377


Experienced crew wanted

Experienced crew wanted for Saturday and Wednesday evening club races through the season for Y165, a comfortable boat with no sharp corners and where everything works including, on occasions, the helm.

Robert Yates
t: 07811 332688
e: robert.c.yates@btinternet.com

Experienced crew wanted

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